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  1. ''TENSION. The Young in Latvian Painting III" exhibition catalogue. Publisher: Art Duce, 2016.

    "With the passage of time, along with the usual background noise, at times a clear sense of a special orderliness of things - a harmony - is heard. This sense can be easily dispelled, yet there are a few special moments, when through yhe humming it is possible to hear clearly the keynote. These moments allow to touch the greatness of nature and open the door to admiration, even veneration.

    In these moments, perception sharpens, sadness is born and a distinct necessity to immortalise at least a small part of this moment. Along with the sadness, a fear also is born, that something significant, not captured in time will vanish.

    A collection from small pieces of a mosaic - images, fragments, brush strokes, sentences, that need to be ordered. Working as a recorder, the observer-documentalist feels displeasure towards the irreversibly departing, negligence, inattentivness." 

    Laimdota Malle

    Kur iezīmēts pieskāriens. IEVA MELGALVE, Arterritory

    Saruna. Ieva Melgalve, Laimdota Malle, Kristīne Krauze-Slucka

    20 000 ljē pa dvēseles dzelmi. AIGA DZALBE, diena.lv

    Šeit bija milži. KĀRLIS VĒRPE, la.lv

    Lodziņi, lielāki un mazāki. Raidījums Lejasmeijere radio NABA

    Glezniecība, kas sapludina robežas. Raidījums Subjektīvie mērījumi radio NABA. Sarunājas Ieva Nagliņa ar Laimdotu Malli