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  1. 46 drawings of one image with a boy trying to clime over the fence to see closer a black crow. 

    Work for solo exhibition "How to move the giant'' at art center NOASS.
    Rīga, Latvia.
    Video editing: Edvards Percevs


    In a dream I saw a huge, black bird standing on a stone – Argentavis magnificens – It took flight, the air shook from the movement of bird's huge wings – Spread out they resembled wings of an aeroplane – I followed the bird – It was flying over snowy mountains and deep ravines, green valleys and plains – Bird's black eyes were like huge cameras that record everything sharply and in every detail – I wondered what have they seen – The huge bird reached a shore of a dark lake – I woke up – The moon was bright and full – The desert seemed overflown with bluish grey light – I could hear growling and murmuring in the distance – A predator was having its night hunt – I couldn't see this animal in the dark plains – I followed the sound – Yet suddenly there was a waiting stillness – There was no breath of wind, sound or rustling in the air –  I stopped – I felt that the animal is somewhere near – Wherever I looked I saw only motionless stones – A small creature appeared near to me between the stones, it had sand grey head and a body like that of a mouse – It was a pika –  In the next moment, the pika stood motionless on a small stone and then it jumped – Just right to me, the silence was disrupted by a growl, a fast movement, a leap forward – Small animal's life on earth was over – I couldn't see the predator because of the darkness – Suddenly huge, green eyes appeared almost next to my face – It seemed that the grey, fluffy fur of the animal had melt into the background – It was a Palla's cat with bright eyes, with its ears close to the head and it had a grey fur – It seemed motionless, only his beautiful tail was moving furiously – In the next moment The Palla's cat was gone – The majestic cat of the desert

    This fragment from a text is inspired by the works of Laimdota Malle and William Burroughs for exhibition ''How to move the giant''.

    May 2019. Inese Kaprāne