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  1. On a rope

    I’m back at my home in my room – A black short-haired cat with blue eyes walks in through the half-open door — It approaches gallantly and without a hurry and rubs against my legs – You can see loyalty in the reserved look in its eyes – My Egyptian sphinx jumps up deftly and lays down on my lap – I stroke the back of my pet – Every touch gives me back my humanity – Tears are flowing down my cheeks – Every interaction with another creature is so unique, fragile and sad, because you see our limits, pain and mortality – With this momentary awareness of mortality every touch in our soul is illuminated for eternity


    This fragment from a text is inspired by the works of Laimdota Malle and William Burroughs for exhibition ''How to move the giant''.

    May 2019. Inese Kaprāne